5 Popular 3-Star Hotels in India, Worth Checking In

Everyone loves spending some time away from home and exploring places they’ve never been to before. Everyone wants to just pack their bags for a few days and holiday in a soothing and fun place. All of this is of course easily done but when we do plan on visiting a place we have never been to before, we obviously need to plan our stay. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of any of the trips planned. Hotels in India, Ensuring a Complete Travel Experience forever to its guests from foreign countries as well as to its own residents. There are quite a few amazing hotels in this vibrant country that you just have to see to believe. Their ambiance and luxury will blow your mind and make you want to keep on revisiting.

Today, we have combined a small list of a few of the most amazing hotels to be definitely visiting while traveling in India. Read on to find out more:

3 Star Hotel in India


1. The Oberoi UdaiVilas: Located in Udaipur, Rajasthan, these exotic as well as traditional Vilas showcases the rich heritage of the Mewar region of Rajasthan with its architecture, courtyards, fountains, pools and verdant gardens. The Oberoi Group, founded in 1934, operates 32 hotels and cruisers under the luxury ‘Oberoi’ and five star ‘Trident’ brands in India, Egypt, Mauritius, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

2. The Lela Palace: This one is a special palace style hotel and is located in the hearth of the capital of the country, New Delhi. It is known for its architecture since it is designed purely like a palace and give you the royal feeling of being there. It also possesses a highly stylish décor.

3. The Oberoi: This luxurious hotel is the prime location for your next business meeting. Located in Mumbai, it becomes the proud asset of Nariman Point. It also is a prime district for the shopping area. The Oberoi has been stylishly redesigned to be one of the best hotels when it comes to luxury and contemporary style in the city.

4. Taj RamBaugh Palace: As the name suggests, this place was literally a palace and was converted in a hotel. You get to pick out your favorite room out of the 79 lavishly designed and luxurious rooms which were once the former Maharaja’s chambers. It does sound extremely costly, we know, thus you can make use of Expedia Coupons to minimize your expenditures on your stay in these lovely hotels.

5. The Taj Mahal Palace: This is one of the most renowned as well the most luxurious hotels in all of India. Located in Mumbai, this hotel overlooks the Gateway of India with a panoramic view of the bay. The rooms here are a perfect blend of rich history and modern amenities.

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Give Yourself a Fresh New Look With Stylish Clothing and Accessories

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Make Your Trip More Enjoying By Booking Flight & Hotel Together

Trips are mandatory once in a while be it with your family, friends or both. Taking a break from busy schedules has many names. It can be called a vacation, a holiday or simply a trip. Whatever you might call it or address it as, it is literally mandatory, if you plan on keeping your brain and health proper. Taking vacations is basically necessary because it not only lets us have some fun and enjoy some quality time with our loved ones but it also provided us with a lot of other health benefits. It helps replenish and rejuvenate our brain cells so that we can feel fresh and when we get back to work we are way more energetic than we were before we left for a vacation.

Bookin Flight and Hotel Together

Once we plan a trip, we want it to be flawless. We want to somehow make sure that our plan is unbeatable and no problems come up because it’s a once in a blue moon holiday and we would do anything to make sure that it doesn’t get ruined. While there are many things to take care of when we are planning for a vacation, the most important aspects that grab the most attention are travel and stay. These two things take up most of our money and also our time because we spend a lot of it while thinking and researching about what can be the best and the cheapest way possible for both the aspects.

Simple Ways to Transform Your Trip Into an Amazing One

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Home Decor and the Elements Which Make Your Home Perfect and Ideal

Home is the place to be. Everywhere we go, we’re always on a constant lookout for the comfort that we find when we are at home. Home is where we are always willing to go back to because it is one such place that provides us with the feeling of content and peace that comes from within and we don’t even have to force it out. Home will always be that one place that keeps on attracting us without fail because we’re unconditionally in love with it. It has an aura that just cannot be ignored.

Since we love the comfort of our homes so much, we should also pay a little heed to how it looks on the inside and how we can make things better inside.

Perfect Home Decor


Ideas for Home Decor and Designs

We, at Vouchercodes Indiatoday has come up with ways to enhance the looks and feel of your home that we are ready to share with you. Come to think of it, home decor is not a difficult task, but surely a tedious one. It might be exceptionally easy for you to appoint an interior designer and pick out your favorite designs, but the transitions that you ask looking at will, take a huge amount of time and energy depending upon how much of a change you are looking at.

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Everyone wants their home to look and feel perfect and ideal, but that is not going to happen on its own. We should pay attention to what the color of the walls is and get furniture and other elements or show pieces for the house with regard to that so that it doesn’t look simply out of place. We want our friends, colleagues and relatives appreciate the space where we live and so we have to make sure that we take proper advice before trying to change anything.

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