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Technology – The Driving Force

Years ago, when you asked someone what made the world go round, what do you think they would have said?  Money?  Emotions?  Power? You have a number of abstracts in front of you that you could pick and put into the answer to this statement. But if you ask the same question to a person today, if he is logical and smart enough he would give you just one word for it – Technology. And there is no doubt about it that there would be a major consensus on this. Technology has made possible what man could just have thought to be a fairy tale a century ago. Let’s not go to Neanderthal man, but someone who even lived a hundred or two hundred years ago might refuse to believe that this is the place he used to live in. And it has all been possible because of technology. Technology has changed the face of the world.

Mobile Phones and Tablets


Mobile Phones – The Magic they Created

Over the years technology has above all made the world a really small place. We’re could be talking about planes, but for now, let’s take a moment and think how the expense of communication technology has just made a place unimaginable different than its natural state. The world is at one’s fingertips and quite literally so. Talking about communication, what is the first thing that would strike your grey matter? Telephone? Exactly. Technology couldn’t have given us a better boom than telephonic communication. Once where the idea of talking someone far away has been just telepathy, telephone was a breakthrough. And with the advent of mobile phones later in life, who could have thought you could walk in one corner of the world and talk to someone lying on their bed somewhere else? Magic, they’d have said.

Figurative and Literal Effects

Technology hasn’t just made the world smaller figuratively, it has very well done that literally. When the first computer was made of the size of a building, imagining the very building sized machine to fit onto your desk must have been way too far fetched. Taking a step further, when I heard of a palmtop the first time, I thought they were trying to trick me saying that a computer could fit into my hand. Tablets have been the newest invention in this case. A mobile, a computer, a camera – it is all rolled into one.

The Prices Unseen

Technology has even given us the chance to save on time  and money and buy mobiles and tablets online from websites like Shopclues and Snapdead and have it delivered at our doorstep. With websites like Vouchercodes India that provide us the opportunity to save even more by making use of vouchers and coupons like the Shopclues Coupons and the Snapdeal Coupons, we can even save a bulk of money while we buy our mobiles and tablets at unbelievable prices.

At the Cost Unprecedented

Telephones and computers, when they were created initially cost a person a fortune in the literal sense. With the reduction of sizes and use of newer technology, it gradually came to be a relatively affordable luxury. Today if we look at it, mobiles and tablets are within an easy reach of any person on the planet. You don’t need a full-fledged building to keep a computer and you don’t need long wires to communicate. Use of mobile and tablets has become so rampant that they have become an indispensable part of one’s life and their becoming affordable is inevitable, therefore, in the present world.

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