5 Exotic Experiences You Should Have Traveling in India

There are no doubts that India is such a massive and varied country, exotic for tourists, and culturally rich for locals. To explore and enjoy at maximum this amazing place with lots of good things to see and feel, keep in mind that you don’t need to be stuck in Jaipur-Agra-Rishikesh-Mumbai trips only. There are numerous amazing ideas to experience in India that you and your friends still didn’t try yet, which are unique and unforgettable in its own way.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Delhi or Rajasthan

This newly introduced option of balloon rides is now gaining a huge popularity in India. Lots of tourists, as well as locals, are getting attracted towards New Delhi, where many adventurous clubs and specialized agencies are offering this joyous ride, ready to give you an ultimate experience and many India luxury tours comes with a dash adventure included. In Delhi’s hot air balloon ride, you can witness the beauty of early morning sunrise or the romantic sunset in the evening. You can also have a wonderful hot air balloon experience in Rajasthan, which will give you the bird’s eye view of this desert state or another mesmerizing view of the local forts. Such rides last up to an hour, the ideal time to enjoy these is between September and March because of the weather conditions. You can also avail discounts for kids, as most of the agencies can provide cheaper prices for children below a certain age.

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Enjoy the Carnival in Goa

Every year, for three (or four) days and nights, the streets of Goa come alive with lights, sounds and colors. Try to imagine the scene: pristine beaches, nonstop festivity, lively processions, dazzling sands, swaying coconut trees, graceful dances, exotic scenic beauty and ultimate nightlife. This is what makes Goa one of the best traveler’s destination in February, when the Carnival happens. This is a much awaited Portuguese festival, exclusive in India, and every adventurous traveler across the country wants to steal a glimpse of it.

The different kinds of celebrations in the Goa Carnival includes: singing, dancing, drinking, feasting and various other types of merry making. While the streets are decorated with vibrant colors and floats, a high number of acrobats, clowns, music players, brass bands, fire eaters, jesters and dancers are seen to be performing around it, spreading joy. On the final day, you will be delighted with the famous red-and-black dance, organized by the Club National in Panaji. If you’ve never seen this before, keep in mind that this unique party is a must thing to experience in India.

5 Exotic Experiences You Should Have Traveling in India2Credits: Arvholidays

Stay in A Tree House in Kerala

Staying in a house built on top of a tree with all basic facilities looks like not only your childhood’s dream, but an excellent opportunity to relax in the peaceful surroundings, hide from the noisy city, practice yoga and meditation, enjoy nature, or just plan a pleasant getaway with your love or friends. What would you do if you knew that Kerala has a range of tree houses available, according to all kinds of budgets?

Most of these tree houses are modern versions of “Erumadan”, the home of forest tribes that protected them from attacks and wild animals, long ago. Placed in the lush tropical rain forests, surrounded by spice and tea plantations and the bliss of a calm scenario, these new Kerala homes are built on top of the trees (at an elevation of 20-90 ft. above the ground) and made of eco-friendly raw materials like bamboo poles, hay and coir mats. All of them are provided with amenities like cozy beds, flushable toilets and attached bathrooms with running water. The lighting is provided by solar energy or kerosene hurricane lamps. Some of them can have also a balcony where you can sit and chill. If you’re already excited to pack your things, don’t forget to take a look in our money saving holiday travel tips for you to enjoy every moment away from home without any stress.

Of course staying at home is not the only thing you can do there. You can also visit some natural pools, go trekking and enjoy exciting nature trails deep in the lush forests around your temporary house to discover the richness of the flora and fauna of the place.

5 Exotic Experiences You Should Have Traveling in India5Credits: 66media

Go Camping Under the Milky Way in Ladkah

Astronomy lovers will get crazy, but if you’re not one of them, for sure you must have heard of the Milky Way Galaxy in your primary classes, correct? Have you ever had a chance to actually view this starry collection with no telescope, no binoculars, just eyeglasses if you’re near-sighted?

This is a rare experience for those who enjoyed the atmospheric conditions of Ladakh, the best place to admire the beauty of night sky. Try camping under the serenity of moonlight and fulfill this starry fantasy of yours. Amateurs and professional photographers should not waste the opportunity for long exposure shots. The result is pretty amazing. You also can save more on hotels with total freedom to choose and book cheap, budget & luxury hotels online.

5 Exotic Experiences You Should Have Traveling in India4Credits: Bhavpreetghai

Live in A Palace for A Few Days

India has many incredible palaces, considered the finest architectural marvels of the country until today. Most of them have been turned into luxury hotels for you to get a chance to experience the royal life up closely.

If you really want to have this experience, Jaipur may be the best place because of the high number of options. The Raj Palace is the most well-known of them, but Umaid Bahvan (Jodhpur), Ferrnhills Royale Palace (Ooty), Taj Falaknuma Palace (Hyderabad), Kasmanda Palace (Mussoorie) and Lalitha Mahal (Mysore) are also another examples of places where you will get the chance to live like a Maharaja and make your friends jealous. Of course this is not a budget-friendly option, but you can get some exclusive discounts and coupons codes for savings in hotel booking offers in India through online saving portal Vouchercodes.in.

Suggestions to Find Information About Cheap Hotel Deals in India

Whenever we have to sit down and plan for a hotel stay anywhere, we get really scared and paranoid because booking hotel stays is one of the most difficult things to do. When we decide to book a hotel stay, we try our best to get the cheapest deal because really, hotels can be such a pain when it comes to expenditure. If you want your hotel stay to be extremely comfortable and chic, you will have to compromise on your budget and so it gets really hard to find a hotel which is not only in your budget but provides you all that you are looking for which is well within your budget. Therefore, you need to look for hotels that are ready to provide you with all the comfort and chicness which you can apparently afford.

Suggestions to Find Information About Cheap Hotel Deals in India

Here are a few tips and tricks to follow when you’re booking a hotel stay so that you can grab the cheapest deals ever:

  1. Time your trip: If you decide to make a trip somewhere and then book a hotel stay over there during the peak season time when there are a lot of holidays and celebrations coming up, chances are that even the cheapest hotels will charge you a lot. If you plan your trip during off season, you will understand how it affects your expenditure largely. Even the topmost hotels will be keeping their charges low because of less demand.
  2. Look for offers from the hotel: When you’re booking your stay, you should always pay attention to any offers or season discounts that the hotel is providing you with. You will be shocked to see how much these offers will make a difference to your expenditures and you will spend way lesser. You can also make use of Hotels Discount Codes (Hotel.com) in order to avail some nice discounts on your hotel stay.
  3. Use the coupon books: Just like grabbing those offers provided by hotels on the stays, you can also pick up some coupon books and steal some of the ones which will actually help you grab some massive discounts on your hotel stays in India. When you make use of OYO Rooms Coupon Codes, you will not be able to believe your own eyes when you see the discounts that you start receiving as soon as you start your hotel booking.
  4. Book a package: Everyone knows the trick where you buy less, pay more and buy more, pay less. Therefore, the next trick is to book a package. Whenever you are going to go for a trip and you need to desperately book a hotel stay for yourself and your family, you should definitely try to book as much as you can and more services too. This way, the hotel books a grand package for you and will give you a discount for booking so much too.

So this becomes the right time to go for some Travel & Holidays because you are completely aware of the ways through which you can minimize your expenditures and enjoy!

India Travel Portals- Let The Family Fun Begin with Amazing Holiday Offers

The season of fun is here and so it basically and obviously means that it’s time to have some real fun. This is the only time when we actually find enough time to spend with our family and friends or anyone, for that matter. What happens when the entire family is together? Simple! A beautiful and long awaited holiday is planned. Everyone needs a holiday! As much as we need a holiday and spend time outside, we equally need a holiday with our loved ones. Yes! Taking a vacation or a holiday with your loved ones is certainly a lot different from taking a holiday alone and just yourself. Spending time with family makes us know them better and also create a lot of lovable memories. That will never really happen if we just go for a vacation only by ourselves. Therefore, it is necessary that we make a beautiful and long holiday plan with our loved ones and make sure it gets executed.

India Travel Portals- Let The Family Fun Begin with Amazing Holiday Offers

When we are planning a holiday with our entire family and loved ones, we know that it is not going to come easy on our pockets. Even if everyone contributes for it, it is still going to be a bit too costly to actually afford it. So, what do you do when you have to go for a holiday with your entire family but you don’t afford it entirely? Well, now the fun part starts. Since you are taking your entire family, you will be able to grab a lot of holiday offers that are exclusively created for families only. If you can somehow find these offers, you can be sure that you will be saving up so much on the entire vacation that neither you nor your family will be able to actually believe it. Since the holiday season is almost ending now, where can you easily find the best family holiday offers? Well, read on!

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Alternatively, you can also make use of MakeMyTrip Coupon Codes. These coupons will let you enjoy your holiday to the fullest and will also make sure that you don’t even get a single chance to complain.

Get Unexpectable Discount on Hotels in Most Travelled Destination for Navratri

Now that the festive season is approaching, we’re all trying to plan for vacations and some fun. It’s that time of the year when everyone is packing their bags and booking tickets to some place or the other to spend some quality time with their families. Someone is going to their hometown to meet their family and someone is planning a nice holiday out with their family and friends. For those who are planning to visit their hometown, it’s going to be a hassle free season, but for those of you who are planning an entire family vacation out might be stuck in a problem.

Since it’s the festive season, a lot of people will be holidaying soon, thus making it less possible to get themselves comfortable accommodation wherever they’re visiting. Also, staying in a good hotel is going to be very costly because, again, the festive season is approaching. So what can be done to enjoy a holiday and not spend all of your saved up money on just comfortable accommodation for you and your family?

Navratri celebration hotel offers


Unexpected Discounts and Deals Are Waiting for You

We come to work every day to reduce your worries as much as we can and we are here again to help you resolve your worries. We have got you some amazing Vouchers which will essentially minimize almost all of your expenditures on the perfect hotel stay for your entire vacation.

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5 Popular 3-Star Hotels in India, Worth Checking In

Everyone loves spending some time away from home and exploring places they’ve never been to before. Everyone wants to just pack their bags for a few days and holiday in a soothing and fun place. All of this is of course easily done but when we do plan on visiting a place we have never been to before, we obviously need to plan our stay. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of any of the trips planned. Hotels in India, Ensuring a Complete Travel Experience forever to its guests from foreign countries as well as to its own residents. There are quite a few amazing hotels in this vibrant country that you just have to see to believe. Their ambiance and luxury will blow your mind and make you want to keep on revisiting.

Today, we have combined a small list of a few of the most amazing hotels to be definitely visiting while traveling in India. Read on to find out more:

3 Star Hotel in India


1. The Oberoi UdaiVilas: Located in Udaipur, Rajasthan, these exotic as well as traditional Vilas showcases the rich heritage of the Mewar region of Rajasthan with its architecture, courtyards, fountains, pools and verdant gardens. The Oberoi Group, founded in 1934, operates 32 hotels and cruisers under the luxury ‘Oberoi’ and five star ‘Trident’ brands in India, Egypt, Mauritius, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

2. The Lela Palace: This one is a special palace style hotel and is located in the hearth of the capital of the country, New Delhi. It is known for its architecture since it is designed purely like a palace and give you the royal feeling of being there. It also possesses a highly stylish décor.

3. The Oberoi: This luxurious hotel is the prime location for your next business meeting. Located in Mumbai, it becomes the proud asset of Nariman Point. It also is a prime district for the shopping area. The Oberoi has been stylishly redesigned to be one of the best hotels when it comes to luxury and contemporary style in the city.

4. Taj RamBaugh Palace: As the name suggests, this place was literally a palace and was converted in a hotel. You get to pick out your favorite room out of the 79 lavishly designed and luxurious rooms which were once the former Maharaja’s chambers. It does sound extremely costly, we know, thus you can make use of Expedia Coupons to minimize your expenditures on your stay in these lovely hotels.

5. The Taj Mahal Palace: This is one of the most renowned as well the most luxurious hotels in all of India. Located in Mumbai, this hotel overlooks the Gateway of India with a panoramic view of the bay. The rooms here are a perfect blend of rich history and modern amenities.

To reduce your expenditures on these high class 3 star hotels, you can simply make use of Hotels.com Coupon Codes. Through this, you will be able to avail massive discounts and will be able to ensure an extremely comfortable stay for you and your family without much hassle.

Make Your Trip More Enjoying By Booking Flight & Hotel Together

Trips are mandatory once in a while be it with your family, friends or both. Taking a break from busy schedules has many names. It can be called a vacation, a holiday or simply a trip. Whatever you might call it or address it as, it is literally mandatory, if you plan on keeping your brain and health proper. Taking vacations is basically necessary because it not only lets us have some fun and enjoy some quality time with our loved ones but it also provided us with a lot of other health benefits. It helps replenish and rejuvenate our brain cells so that we can feel fresh and when we get back to work we are way more energetic than we were before we left for a vacation.

Bookin Flight and Hotel Together

Once we plan a trip, we want it to be flawless. We want to somehow make sure that our plan is unbeatable and no problems come up because it’s a once in a blue moon holiday and we would do anything to make sure that it doesn’t get ruined. While there are many things to take care of when we are planning for a vacation, the most important aspects that grab the most attention are travel and stay. These two things take up most of our money and also our time because we spend a lot of it while thinking and researching about what can be the best and the cheapest way possible for both the aspects.

Simple Ways to Transform Your Trip Into an Amazing One

When we find out what exactly we want for our travel and stay, we still have to run our brains over the bookings of everything because we have to do the running around part to make sure everything gets done appropriately. Vouchercodes India will help you reduce all the work and make sure everything gets done hassle free. You can simply look for combo packages of flight tickets as well as hotel bookings. By going for such packages, we can solve two of our biggest and the most important issues related to the trip.

Now these packages will definitely come with a price, but need not worry. You can simply apply for Yatra Coupons to reduce the cost of some of the most amazing packages that you will be able to pick out from Yatra.com itself. Never before has anyone been blessed with such an amazing opportunity of picking out their favorite travel and stay package and still save enough money after booking it.

TravelGuru Coupons also provide you with an opportunity to go for travel and stay combos while only paying barely peanuts for the whole package. These amazing coupons will ensure that you have an enjoyable and hassle free trip without burning your pockets in order to give you enough chance to refresh yourself as much as you want to.

Hotels in India, Ensuring a Complete Travel Experience

India, a country jam – packed with a fusion of modernity and tradition, captivates you by showing off its vibrant colors to the world. You will be touched by the spirit of this charming country while you surrender to the simplicity of its villages or simply lose yourself in one of its bustling cities. A journey through this bewildering country will certainly be enriching, inspiring and striking.

India used to be called the land of snake charmers, but not anymore. India has left its past behind and risen up to move forward. It has put a major foot forward in the tourism industry, thus becoming one of the largest and the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. It makes for a perfect spot for holidaying and vacations. With its vast cultures and umpteen number of tourist spots, you won’t be able to have enough of this breathtaking nation.

Hotel Taj in India


A few Hotels in India that will Enhance your Travel Experience

There are countless number of Hotels in India – A blend of comfort and luxury,  prevailing in India which will ensure that your holiday experience in this glowing country leaves a deep impression on you and you keep wanting to come back for more and more.

One of such companies is Veena World. They are outspread across almost every travel segment which includes Group Tours, Inbound Holidays, Corporate Travel, Individual travel and specialty tours. Once you are a part of their world, you will experience a whole new level of holidaying since Veena World provides a vast array of innovative tours and ideas of spending your holiday with the best possible professional, experienced and enthusiastic tour managers. They come up with new programs and diligently planned itineraries every few months, that way if you keep coming back for more and more vacations, you won’t have to go through the same tours again and again and will get a chance of experiencing better things every single time. You can also easily reduce your expenses by applying Hotels.com Coupons.

Another renowned name in the Hotels and Resorts industry is The Taj.Breaking new grounds in the Indian tourism industry and coming up with groundbreaking ideas, Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces have now collaborated with &Beyond in a joint venture, to provide their guests with the ultimate opportunity for wildlife spotting in India, based on a sustainable ecotourism model, since &beyond is Africa’s leading luxury experiential travel and  ecotourism company. This being said, there’s no doubt that they’re expensive but not to worry as you can minimize your expenses by using GoIbibo Coupons. They provide you with unique safari experiences within India, which comprise of Jungle walks and meditative solitude. You will also experience a different and unique accommodation arrangement with expert guides from Taj Hotels and &Beyond together.

Other than just direct hotels, there is a website named stayzilla which focuses on the distinctive “Alternate stay” market in India which includes a variety of options such as Homestays. Their ‘concierge’ feature is an unbeatable step towards acquiring new vendors and hand holding their travelers. Concierge not only makes your stay in the country commendable but also helps customers throughout their stay and travel in this stupendous country called India.

Holiday Packages- Get Ready For Your Dream Vacation

“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking”, said Earl Wilson and made flawless sense. Vacations offer you that, desperately needed, the opportunity to take time-out from your daily work regime and experience the magnificence that’s in store for us. They not only make us feel de-stressed, but also give us sufficient time and that once in a blue moon chance to see the world and spend some extra quality time with our family and friends.

We all, if not every 3rd day, should at least get a month of paid leave in a whole year if we actually plan on surviving this, godforsaken ritual of being a workaholic.

Father and son snorkeling


Why Take a Vacation in the First Place?

Well, as much as we have earlier indicated why it is crucial for us to take, that long awaited break from work, we will gleefully give you a thousand more reasons which will certainly compel you to step out of your rigid routine and spend some time admiring the beauty of nature. It is vital for everyone to take time away from uptight work schedules because it empowers the body to rejuvenate and revitalize itself. We need to treat our bodies with vacations because they spare us with a rewarding break from the typical everyday grind we have to bear, an opportunity to recoup and thus, steer clear of burnouts. The break also permits you to revive your brain cells by locking all the office problems back inside the office itself.

A Time to Replenish those Forgotten Family Relationships

As much as you contradict the fact that you’ve been pushing aside your family members from the last few days/months due to excess of work and prolonged working hours, we know your guilty mind and heart, both will accept it at some point. We need to take trips that will lead to new chapters and bring us new memories to hold with our loved ones. By taking a vacation with our loved ones, we not only relieve ourselves from the misery, but also help raise the levels of positive emotions and reduce depression among them. Also, sharing holiday experiences with your loved ones is a valuable contributor to family cohesion.

Great Holiday Packages Awaiting your Approvals

Planning to get away, but muddled as to where you want to go? Need not worry because other than just tempting and coaxing people into taking a holiday, we also assure that we don’t leave them bewildered post that. In collaboration with Yatra.com, we have compiled a long list of Exotic Locations to Visit on a Budget that you’ve got to see to believe.

Yatra Coupon Codes will assist you in reducing that burn in your pockets by giving you massive discounts on the amazing locations where you can crash. You can now also avail Thomas cook coupon codes for additional discounts on these trips as a cherry on top. So what are you still doing here? The article is over. Start packing already. It’s time to take some time off.

Top 10 Exotic Locations to Visit on a Budget

There’s always somewhere exotic that a person wants to travel to and many even strive enough to get there. But there is always one or the other hindrance to ones travel plans. One of the greatest of these hindrances is the problem of the budgets.

Beautiful Palouse Falls under the glow of pink hued clouds at sunset


Here we present the ten most exotic places you can travel on a budget:

1. Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places to visit in this season. Near the border of Tibet in Jammu and Kashmir, this is the land of desert with the most beautiful Pangong lake. Leh is just nearby and you will get to feel an entirely different life in the place.

2. Thailand

This amazing country in South East Asia is a hub of travellers around the world. Known for its floating gardens and the tradition, this is a place full of scenic experiences. Its mountains, beaches, cuisine and culture make it an exciting place to visit.

3. Malaysia

This Muslim majority country is again in the South East Asia and is largely part of an Island. Its multicultural capital of Kuala Lumpur is one of the most famous cities in the world.

4. Goa

Who doesn’t know of the greatness in exoticness of Goa? Full of beaches, beautiful coasts, sunsets and cruises, Goa can give you a full time holiday experience.

5. Mauritius

Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean known for its varied culture. This sparsely populated island offers you a great deal of places to visit like Blue-Bay, Port Louis, Grand Bay, Flic en Flac, Chamarel, and Mahebourg.

6. Dubai

Dubai is a world renowned tourist destination having the highest number of tourist influx from around the world. This luxurious city is not at all any less in its exoticism and will offer you everything you want.

7. Indonesia

Lying near the equator between Indian and the Pacific Ocean, Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world with a diverse culture. Its beaches of Jakarta and Bali are famous world over and attract tourists.

8. Sri Lanka

Another island country in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is known for its grand history. You can get to visit its amazing beach resort valleys, ruins of the past capitals and what not.

9. Kerala

The southernmost state of India, Kerala offers a wide range of attractions for tourists like the wildlife, forests and extensively beautiful beaches.

10. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

These islands of the Indian subcontinent are one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the country. Known for Port Blair and its extremely beautiful beaches, this place also has touches of history to it.

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