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Joy of Welcoming a New Year!!

With every new month comes a new hope to look for a reason to celebrate. Today, in the morning when I woke-up, I  realised that it’s Naba Barsha (Bengali New Year), which is known as Baishaki.  Naba barsha usually comes around 13th 0r 14th of April according to English calendar.

To welcome the new year, people clean and decorate their entire house with flowers, rangolis in the house.  Naba barsha is a celebration that mark with joy, hope and happiness.

These day is even celebrated in many states with different name, but the celebration is all the same:

• 13th April Punjabi, Baishaki
• 13th April Assam, Bihu
• 14th April Tamil Naidu, Puthandu
• 14th April Kerala, Vishu

Benagli Naba barsha tradition/celebration: –

• Wake-up with a fresh face for the start of new year.
• They start their day with new clothes and accessories, mostly saree.
• Bengalis wait eagerly for this festival as they decorate their house with flowers.
• Alpana (rangoli) is made of rice/flowers and a clay pot with the symbol of Swastika in kept in the middle of alpana, it’s believed that it brings wealth and symbolizes a prosperous year.
• The morning starts with an early morning processions which is known as Prabhat Pheries, where they visit the nearby river to take a holy dip.
• The process is being followed by worshiping the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi for the well-being and long life of their family members.
• On this very day, businessman starts a new accounts and for the new year known as Haalkhata.
• Most of the places people arrange for function, where women dance, sing and kids recite poem.

When I look back, I realise the childhood pictures carry all the happiness of all the festival. Where I used to wake-up with a gifts from my family members. There are certain things that can’t be change, but even it’s true that back then things were easier. With a growing life we somehow forget to celebrate the small festival which also gives happiness.
With time things change and even place, we may not do all the desire thing. But we can always celebrate this season with people around us with some gifts.

There are few gifts idea for Naba Barsha-

• Sweets- None of the festival can go without a sweet mouth. Express your love with a box of Balushahi and Mathura Peda, you can get this Ferns and Petal by using Ferns and Petal discounts.

• Bring luck- In New Year you can always bless your near ones with some Spiral Luck bamboo tree and Good Luck Plant.

• Coffee Mug- You can always wish your colleagues/seniors with ‘Happy Baishaki’ or ‘Naba Barsha’  note imprinted.

• Photo Frame- People can’t live without friends, what about giving your best friends a group selfie picture in the frame?

Personalized Gifts and flowers – Nothing can beat this, we always knows our family and friends taste. Personalization can never go wrong in any festival and a bunch of fresh flowers has the power to bring smile on anyone’s face.

• Cake- It is a bit of different though! But trust me, some people have sweet-teeth. Why not surprise them with some sweets?

As it is a festive day be in your toe and just grab the best of the gifts for your near and dear one.
Subha Naba Barsha!!

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