Ethnic Wear for men and Women

Make Your Unique Personality with Indian Ethnic Wear

The thing that is most valued in any place is its culture and tradition. Culture and tradition are the most prized possession of a place. With culture and tradition alone come our values and essential ethics. In India itself, the greatness of this place is defined by its culture and tradition. When the British invades this place, what Lord Macaulay instructed its people is worth noting. He told them that India was a place of great culture and tradition which form its strength, and if they were to break the integrity of this place, they had to attack the backbone itself- i.e. Its culture, tradition and language. Sadly, they were successful enough to do that and took the land in their control.

Ethnic Wear for men and Women


It is because of this that what had its seeds sown by Macaulay has grown into a full-fledged tree today. We are becoming more and more westernized and the country is slowly dying in terms of its culture. We are unable to take hold of the losing tradition and are given in more and more to the west by taking up their culture and values. The biggest transformation has come in what we wear and our dressing sense.

Gone are the times when one would see the women clad only in the ethnic wear in India and the sight of anyone wearing a western dress was merely a chance that met the eyes. When the men wore their traditional dresses and gave way to the spread of the greatness of the culture. Today, the idea is vice versa. You’ll see the streets flooded with people donning western wear and someone wearing something ethnic are an occasional treat to the eye. Ethic wear has limited itself to the days meant for special occasions only.

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