Holdback on Your Money, Not Your Cravings and Hunger

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well,” said Virginia Woolf in A Room of One’s Own. Food, undoubtedly is the biggest necessity of one’s life for all the men and women on Earth. It nourishes us, satiates us when our stomach grumbles, is our friend in times of misery as ‘comfort food,’ and a vehicle to drive through the route to the men’s heart for women. But when we talk of food in a serious tone, it is so much more than this. In the Yogic philosophy food is a divine thing.

Life of anyone has become doubly busy, hectic and occupied in today’s world. In such a world where we can’t even find time for seeing our spouses, cooking for ourselves or anyone else seems a very distant idea. While our lives have become fast and quick, the world hasn’t stopped making the progress at the same pace either. In fact, it is way ahead of us. The biggest crunch in the world today is that of time, but with the help of technology and advancement, things have also become relatively simpler and faster. Today, you can have the liberty of not choosing to cook and still have a fine dinner down at your place every day. No, you don’t even need to drive to your nearby restaurant or the fast food joint. It will come to you. All you need is Food Panda.


Foodpanda is an online restaurant directory which allows users to enter a city name and browse high-quality local takeaways, search and discover new cuisine types, read reviews, and order for food online. Foodpanda has taken the idea of buying food online to an entire new level in the country. You can get the food of your choice from the restaurant of your choice delivered at your doorstep in more than 100 cities across the country. Ordering food online might have been unthinkable a few years ago, but now it is definitely in vogue and very popular because of its benefits and websites like Foodpanda, which is of course one of its kinds in India. You don’t need to show up at a food joint, you don’t need to wait and you have multiple of options at your fingertips not just about the cuisine but the restaurants as well. It is not just simple, but fast and fun as well.

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Foodpanda Vouchercodes

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Vouchercodes Foodpanda

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Foodpanda Coupon

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Buy Mobiles and Tablet Online at Never Before Prices

Technology – The Driving Force

Years ago, when you asked someone what made the world go round, what do you think they would have said?  Money?  Emotions?  Power? You have a number of abstracts in front of you that you could pick and put into the answer to this statement. But if you ask the same question to a person today, if he is logical and smart enough he would give you just one word for it – Technology. And there is no doubt about it that there would be a major consensus on this. Technology has made possible what man could just have thought to be a fairy tale a century ago. Let’s not go to Neanderthal man, but someone who even lived a hundred or two hundred years ago might refuse to believe that this is the place he used to live in. And it has all been possible because of technology. Technology has changed the face of the world.

Mobile Phones and Tablets


Mobile Phones – The Magic they Created

Over the years technology has above all made the world a really small place. We’re could be talking about planes, but for now, let’s take a moment and think how the expense of communication technology has just made a place unimaginable different than its natural state. The world is at one’s fingertips and quite literally so. Talking about communication, what is the first thing that would strike your grey matter? Telephone? Exactly. Technology couldn’t have given us a better boom than telephonic communication. Once where the idea of talking someone far away has been just telepathy, telephone was a breakthrough. And with the advent of mobile phones later in life, who could have thought you could walk in one corner of the world and talk to someone lying on their bed somewhere else? Magic, they’d have said.

Figurative and Literal Effects

Technology hasn’t just made the world smaller figuratively, it has very well done that literally. When the first computer was made of the size of a building, imagining the very building sized machine to fit onto your desk must have been way too far fetched. Taking a step further, when I heard of a palmtop the first time, I thought they were trying to trick me saying that a computer could fit into my hand. Tablets have been the newest invention in this case. A mobile, a computer, a camera – it is all rolled into one.

The Prices Unseen

Technology has even given us the chance to save on time  and money and buy mobiles and tablets online from websites like Shopclues and Snapdead and have it delivered at our doorstep. With websites like Vouchercodes India that provide us the opportunity to save even more by making use of vouchers and coupons like the Shopclues Coupons and the Snapdeal Coupons, we can even save a bulk of money while we buy our mobiles and tablets at unbelievable prices.

At the Cost Unprecedented

Telephones and computers, when they were created initially cost a person a fortune in the literal sense. With the reduction of sizes and use of newer technology, it gradually came to be a relatively affordable luxury. Today if we look at it, mobiles and tablets are within an easy reach of any person on the planet. You don’t need a full-fledged building to keep a computer and you don’t need long wires to communicate. Use of mobile and tablets has become so rampant that they have become an indispensable part of one’s life and their becoming affordable is inevitable, therefore, in the present world.

Shoes Transform Your Body Language and Attitude

Today’s buying shoes is not just shopping it’s a hobby for most of the Men and Women. In this era shoe is not just an accessory to wear but it also reflect or talk about your personality. So, buy stylish shoes and let them talk about yourself.

Shoes Images


It Matters how you Look

In the world where everyone talks of artificiality and deliver moral lectures on how the outward judgement is always a shallow thing, there would paradoxically be hardly anyone who wouldn’t give in to appearances. If we keep every other thing in the world apart and just talk of the human race, appearance, which is intellectually and hypocritically almost always loathed, stands to be one big factor of what an impression one person gets on the other just because of how he or she looks. The great old adage according to which the first impressions stand to be the last is the best rhetoric to testify this concept of instantaneous impressions and judgements.

Not just Footwear Anymore

Shoes haven’t remained to be something that would protect your soles from scabs and bruises. Footwear in today’s world has a definition of its own. It might have been some time ago that footwear wasn’t given as much as importance as clothing in a person’s life, however, footwear today is as important a style statement as any item of clothing is.  With online websites, it is easy to see a wide range of footwear, choose the ones that you think would suit you and even save up a lot of energy and time. With coupons on Voucher Codes India like Jabong  Coupon Codes and Snapdeal Coupon Codes, you can save bulks of money on every shoe you buy.

Shoes are a Transformation

Put any extremely traditional clothing wearing woman in something really hap and western and you would see how it would transform their person entirely. Now when the importance of shoes is as much as that of clothing, it’s casts a similar effect on any person. What a person has his feet in could transform him to a huge extent. A high heel, a low ballet, a moderate wedge – they would all have different sorts of effects on how you put yourself forward to the people out there. A high heel talks of buoyancy as no other footwear would, a wedge would talk of grace, a ballet would talk of ease, a pump would talk of flexibility right on its own to the people who you encounter without you speaking a word. What could be more appropriate for a sound of domination than the loud clack of heels?

Confidence Comes with It

Moreover, what shoes you wear also matter to the level of your confidence. Shoes are undoubtedly also chosen with a criterion of ones height in mind. If you do not give a shoe of an appropriate height to a person to wear, it would highly affect their performance and the level of confidence. A six inch heel won’t suit a person of six feet of height and a flat won’t go with someone who’s a tad shorter than five.

Comfort is an Attitude

Lastly, your feet talk of your ease, your comfort and your attitude out loud by means of your body language. If you do not have something very comfortable to wear on your feet, you just cannot reflect ease in any way to the best of your abilities. A pinching shoe, a hurting blister and a bleeding skin wouldn’t let you show the best of your kind attitude to anyone you’re with. The comfort of your feet in your shoes is the key to your best body language and attitude.

Expedia – The Best Online Booking Portal in India

Expedia.co.in is well known online travel company and handle localized travel websites in the United State, United Kingdom , France, Canada, Italy, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China and India.



Explore the World with Expedia.co.in:

To Travel is to Live

Life could be called the culmination of all the experience one has in the world. A man becomes mature not just by a number getting higher in the count of the number of years he has lived but by the things he has done, the acts he has witnessed, the people he has come across, the places he has known and the adventures he has made. All this taken together is what we call experience as a whole. It is a truth that no one would deny that one of the best ways to experience things and live life is to read, and next to it the best ever way to get the experience of a lifetime is to travel.

Fun? No, It’s The Way Beyond

Travelling might not be something inherent in the human race, but to live and experience is. Novelty is something everyone looks forward to and if one has to see novelty incarnate, he needs to travel. Travelling isn’t just about fun, it is much more. It can be about finding yourself, exploring cultures, meeting people, understanding the traditions, comparing ways of lives, encountering new languages, getting to taste new cuisines and seeing the vast expanses of nature and the creations of man. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this grand involvement?

Smart Planning with Expedia

But of course, when you finally decide to make a trip to somewhere, or to travel in general, things don’t get that easy. Bigger things don’t come with small efforts. With so much of the benefits and accompaniments of travelling itself, it will definitely need hard work to have everything organised. Travel planning, sad to say, is much of a headache for anyone who’s trying to organise but things can be made much simpler if you choose to work smart. One of the best ways is to use Expedia as a means to have your trip organised.

The Cakewalks of Bookings

Expedia is an online booking portal that helps you to make your bookings for any trip you want in any corner of the world. Actually, based in Washington, USA, it has its branches all over the world including India. None of the other travel booking sites in India operate at such an international level as Expedia does. Expedia allows you to make multiple kinds of bookings, be it flights to your destination or back, hotels, car hires and even busses. Expedia tends to make the headache of travel planning a cakewalk for anyone who tries them

Money, It Matters

Expedia gives you the guarantee to have your bookings done at the best prices and rates than any other booking website or direct booking would give you. With the lowest of rates by means of different travel and holiday coupons that websites like Voucher Codes India have for Expedia, you could save so much and get relieved of the biggest burden of spending a lot on the travel plans. They claim that if you find a competitive price than this by anyone else, they could refund you the entire amount plus two times the difference in the prices. What could be a stronger claim than that? With so much to offer from them, the saving of time and money, the best price guarantees and Expedia Coupon Codes available, opting any other booking portal would be a definite blunder.

Brings the Smiles to Your Loved One with Online Shopping

Gifting is one of the most popular ways to bring the smiles on the faces of the loved one. We plan to gift number of things to them but sometimes our wallet don’t allow us to do so due to financial restrictions and other reasons. If you are facing the similar problems then you can take the help of the online portals to get the best items at the best price possible. Everyone wants to see the everlasting smiles on the loved one so as I and so as you there are number of ways with the help of which we can do so and as I sated earlier gifting is also one of them. You can gift them number of items depending on their needs and preferences. Following are some of the best ways in which online shopping portals can help you to get the best gifts for your loved ones:-

Gift For Him

    • For Him – if you are planning to buy something for him then you can visit the online shopping portals. Few of the best gifting options for him in your mind may be related to the lifestyle, electronic gadgets and apparels. There are plenty of online store which deals in the products related to this category. For example if you are planning to gifts him electronic gadgets then you can visit Flipkart, Indiatimes shopping and Yebhi etc which are few of the popular store which deals in electronics. Similarly if you are planning to buy apparels or lifestyle products for him then you can visit Myntra, Jabong and Zovi etc. which are few of the leading lifestyle stores of the country.
      Bring The Smile
  • For Her – if you are planning to buy something for her then also online shopping portals will be the best and economic options for you. Few of the best gifting options for her in your mind may be related to the lifestyle, flowers and apparels. There are plenty of online store which deals in the products related to this category. For example if you are planning to gift her flowers then you can visit Fnp, Delhi florist. Mumbai florist and flowers online etc, which are few of the popular store which deals in flowers. Similarly if you are planning to buy apparels or lifestyle products for her then you can visit Myntra, Jabong and Zovi etc which are few of the leading lifestyle stores of the country.
    Gifts For Kids
  • For Kids – if you are planning to buy gifts for your kids then also online shopping portals can assist you to find the best products at discounted prices. Babyoye, kinder spaces, Naaptol and baby heaven are some of the leading online portals from where you can buy gifts such as toys, learning gadgets and many other things at very cheap prices.


The products listed on all the online shopping stores relates to the major brands of the world and you can also avail the additional discounts on your purchase with the help of the voucher codes provided by these merchants. For example if you are planning to buy the toys from Babyoye then you can take the help of the Babyoye Coupon Codes in order to get the additional discounts on your purchase.

Buy Stylish and Trendy Footwear for Men, Women and Kids

Everyday thousands of people are looking for a site that has the best footwear collection at the best price and ships for free. There are many sites in India which provides huge repository of formal, casual, sporty, ethnic and party wear. You can choose from any type of shoes which you want to buy.

Girls Shoes For Summer

Online shopping is most useful and popular mode to find any style or site in your city. Which product you want to purchase from online you can compare prices online for any footwear site and it helps you to save your money on each order. In India there are many stores which offer discount voucher codes, best deals and offers.

You can compare sandals at BeStylish where they are priced better than any other online shop. It provides a great collection of men’s, women’s and kids footwear. BeStylish is the most popular or online shopping store in India. You can choose from a great collection of shoe trends, designs, colours, finishes and prices. So whenever you buy women’s sandals online from there, you are establishing yourself as women of style and substance. There are some famous brands such as Adidas, BP Zone, Nike, Catwalk, Carlton London Aria and many others provides best quality footwear. Jabong, Bata, Reebok, Nike and Styletag online shoppers are providing best range of shoes and sandals.Men Shoes Online

BeStylish provides free shipping on your product. It provides 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not satisfied the product than you can get 100 days return policy. It also provide best price guarantee. Payments can be made with the help of the credit debit and net banking. You can also get cash on delivery service on your order.

Cheap Tablets and Smartphones

As per the IPSOS report of the Google this year India is one of the leading countries in Smartphone users. The trend of the Smartphone has shown a tremendous growth in our country in past few years. This report also reveals that the people in India prefer smart phones over television for the entertainment purpose. With the advent of internet media smart phone market in India has shown a significant growth. In current scenario there are plenty of companies who are producing the smart phones with many exciting features.

If you are willing to buy the Smartphone then online shopping will be most beneficial for you. Most of the online shopping portals are dealing in the mobile handsets and with the help of them you can buy Smartphone from all the major brands of the world at discounted prices.

Following are some of the major online portals from where you can get your Smartphone at cheap prices:-

  • Naaptol – Naaptol iSmartphones Couponss one of the most popular online retailers of the country. If you are willing to buy the smart phone then you must visit this store as it offers mobile handsets from all the major brands of the world and you can buy them at discounted prices.
  • Yebhi – it is also one of the popular store from where you can buy mobile phone s and electronic gadgets. This retailer also provides you the services of the free home delivery.
  • Flipkart – Flipkart is one of the reputed names in the online retail sectors. You can select from the huge collection of this retailer and your product will be delivered to your home. It provides the products at huge discounts and is one of the best options for you if you are looking for the latest mobile handsets and gadgets.
  • India times shopping – it is also one of the major online shopping portals of the country from where you can purchase smart phones.
  • Shopclues – this store is one of the fast growing online retailers of the country and it offers you the smart phones form all the major brands at discounted prices.

If you are willing to buy smartphones online then you can search for the coupon codes or voucher codes related to the store from where you want to make your purchase. Voucher codes will help you to avail additional discounts on your purchase. You can visit voucher codes India for the latest coupon codes related to any of the major online portal of the country.

Discounted Apparels This Diwali

Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of the world. This festival is celebrated in almost whole of Asia and is the festivals of the bright and positive spirits. On this occasion people do lots of shopping for themselves as well as their family and friends. If you are planning for buying apparels then online shopping has lots of things for you. There are lots of online portals which are committed to provide you with the best products from all the major brands. You can buy apparels for every age group with the help of the online shopping and the prices of product you are going to purchase will be much low as compared to the prices in your favourite market or mall.

Following are some of the popular online portals where you can buy apparels as well as accessories related to it at discounted prices:-

  • Yebhi – it is one of the popular online portals of the country and you can select the besDiwali Offerst products from the huge collection of them at this portal.
  • Jabong – Jabong is one of the popular online stores of the country. Within the short period of time it has created a significant market for itself and now it is one of the major players in this sector. Jabong provides you the apparels form all the major brands of the country as well as the world and the prices which you can avail here are very rare on other portals of the country.
  • Zansaar – Zansaar is also one of the good online portals of the country and it provides you the latest fashion products and apparels at a very reasonable prices. It also provides you with the option of free delivery of your products.

Fashion and you- fashion and you is also one of the trusted online portals which deal in the apparels and many more categories of products. You can buy product s from this online portal at huge discount and it also delivers the products to your doorstep. Shop clues- shop clue is also one of the best options to shop for apparels. You can buy apparels and accessories from all the major brands at this portal.

There are many other online stores too which are dedicated to provide you the best at cheap prices so don’t miss this opportunity to save maximum on your shopping this Diwali. You can also use voucher codes provided by these portals in order to make your shopping more pocket friendly. If you are interested in the voucher codes of any of these portals then you can visit voucher codes India.

Online Shopping Offers and Deals for Diwali

Diwali is the most important festival in India as it also known as festival of lights. During Diwali festive season peoples are really excited to celebrate Diwali their own style. It also known as shopping season, so everyone takes time out from busy schedule on Diwali and enjoy the great time with their family. As a result shopping malls and market are full of people, so it’s a better idea to shop online with comfort while sitting home. There are lots of e-commerce portals which offers their products at the great discounts with much more free facilities like free home delivery, easy EMI and much more. These online shopping portals are all set to provide great offers and deals this festive season on unexpected lower price. While you go for online shopping, here are some great online shopping portals which provides great discount on different products and services.

Diwali Shopping Deals

During this Diwali festive many e-commerce portals are ready to attract more and more online shopping customers by offering them huge discounts on different products and services. These shopping portals are offering great discounts some of these are as following.

  • You can get up to 70% off on Branded shoes like Puma, Reebok, Adidas and lots more on this festival season for limited period time at Yebhi online shopping portal.
  • Get additional discount up to 20% on daily deals and other festival deals by using particular voucher codes, offers by Snapdeal on this festive season.
  • You can get the discount up to 80% on different men, women and home & living products this Diwali at Jabong online shopping portal.
  • This festive season you can grabs the discount up to 60% on different category products like Clothing, Jewellery, Health, Home Decor and much more at Pepperfry online shopping portal.
  • Travelguru which is one of the major online travel agencies of the country is providing great discounts on hotel as well as flight bookings this Diwali. You can save up to Rs.2400 on your hotel bookings.
  • You can avail huge discounts on electronics and mobiles with the help of Naaptol which is one of the major e-commerce portals of the country.
  • If you are planning to decorate your house this Diwali then you can avail exciting discounts on home and living products at Fabfurnish.
  • If you are planning to send gifts to your loved ones this Diwali then you can do it conveniently with the help of ferns and petals which is providing you with great discounts on gift items.

These are some of e-commerce portals but there are lots more online shopping portals which provides the additional discounts on different products and services by providing voucher codes to their customers this Diwali. These voucher codes helps the online customers to save more money and provides lots more benefits.

Dussehra Special Online Shopping Offers

Dusshera is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. It depicts the victory of the good on evil as on this day Lord Rama got the victory over the Evil king Raavan. This festival is celebrated with lots of spirituality and energy in whole country. Dusshera is celebrated on the day after the navratras which are celebrated as a remembrance of the victory of Goddess Durga on the evils such as Sumbh and Nisumbh Online market has lots of things for you this Dusshera as you can buy the gifts and various other products at huge discounts with the help of various online portals.

Following are some of the online portals with are offering yoDussehra Special Offeru great discounts on the event of Dusshera:

143gifts.com – You can send gifts to your loved one on this occasion with the help of 143gifts at discounted prices.

Gifts2indiaonline.com – This portal is offering you with huge discounts on gifts to any parts in India. You can also take the benefits of the free home deliveries with the help of this online portal.

Rediffshopping.com – Get exciting discounts on the Dusshera combos. You can order your products online and get it deliver to your doorstep within few days.

Jabong.com – You can buy from the huge collections of the branded products at Jabong at discounts. Jabong is one of the reputed online portals which also offer you free home delivery.

Homeshop18 – Homeshop18 is also offering you with huge collections of the products at discounted prices and you can order your products easily from home with the help of the online shopping.

Ezeego – Ezeego is also offering you with the discounts on hotel, bus and flight bookings. If you are planning for the vacation this Dusshera then you can visit this portal in order to avail these offers.

These above mentioned portals are only few among the large number of portals who are providing you with the discounts and offers this Dusshera so don’t miss this opportunity to get what you want at discounts. You can also search for the coupon codes or voucher codes to make you shopping more cheap with the help of the VoucherCodes.in. All you have to do is to visit this website and enter the name of the store the coupons of which you are looking for.